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That song that plays in my head

From childhood to now, as an adult, I’ve had countless experiences where suddenly there’s a soothing song playing in my head after experiencing some type of traumatic or emotional life event, or even an everyday issue. The words from these songs are almost always related to the situation at hand. As a Christian, I believe that since God is our maker and is all around us, everything is from Him and all of our life experiences are for a purpose, a purpose that He has for each one of us, individually. The Heavenly Father gives us all that we have and can take it away. (John 15:5 and Job 1:21) With that said, I believe that these music and songs that play in our minds at the most vulnerable and hardest points in our lives, communicates God’s love for us. It’s His mercy and grace. It’s Him bringing us comfort and sending us encouraging messages during a difficult situation. Not to mention, God’s angels are constantly working to guide us and keep us safe. When you feel inexplicable peace and

Righteous anger?

With anger being part of the emotional spheres of humans, I think we can all say that we've experienced intense anger at some point in our lives. Fortunately for us, it is an emotion we can learn to control. Proverbs 16:32 says, "He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty." When we are in control of anger, we allow the spirit of God to work in us, while impulsive and uncontrollable anger, deprives us of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, this emotion, when not directed in the right direction, can present itself in different ways, such as manipulation, promiscuity, self-harm, and so on. That being said, anger cannot be hidden; it will show itself one way or another (Matthew 7:17). The good news is that when we choose God, He can use even our most unpleasant characteristics for his glory. God can use all of you for His glory If we focus on loving God, retaining His words, and following His commandments, our anger becomes a tool for Him to use. When we work on putting aw

Why we need God.

Satan had great power in heaven as an angel (Ezekiel 28:12–15), but as a result of pride and ego, his position was beneath him. He went up against God and quickly realized that he was no match for our Creator. And though great, his powers are limited. Long story short, he was cast out of the Kingdom of Heaven, which led to the spiritual war of good versus evil. Since being expelled from Heaven, the world has become the domain of the evil one, and for this reason, this beautiful place created by God also represents sin. It all started when God made His first human creation, Adam and Eve. Satan saw how beautiful and perfectly made they were, and of course, him, being who he is, made an attempt to sabotage their existence (Genesis 3). Unfortunately, Adam and Eve were manipulated by the devil and disobeyed God, which caused a grave spiritual shift, producing a sinful nature within us. We can take from this that, when we're disobeying God, we're giving the devil control over our li

God will never leave you.

We will meet upon all different types of circumstances throughout our lives. These events will change who we are, how we live our lives, and how we treat others. Our family and friends will also change and as a result, some of them may even leave us because of differences, while others will stick around, and because of our lack of control over life's dramatic shifts, some will leave us forever. But through times of joy or times of sorrow, from birth to our last breath, day or night, we have a Creator who's always with us and if we continue to believe in Him and glorify Him in everything we do, here on this earth, He will be with us forever. He's a God who will never change. Malachi 3:6 states, "For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore, ye sons of Jacob are not consumed." He will be there for the smallest changes and the big ones, too. He will be present for the most joyous moments, the worst ones, and every moment in between. He cares about the little things an

How to win against the flesh (3 ways)

Desires of the world The world promises good feelings, happiness, freedom and superficial ways to rid you of your troubles. But the beautiful light that it presents itself in, to appear grandiose, is a deceptive attempt from the enemy to lead you to eternal death. 2 Corinthians 11:14 says "Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." The world is the evil one's domain. He was brave enough to promise Jesus the kingdom of the world if he worships him as stated in Matthew 4 verse 8. The flesh desires the things of the world and once Satan has influence over you, he will carry out his tactics in your life to keep you bind and trapped to those fleshly honkers. In John 8:44, Jesus said, "when he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies." One scheme he's known for is to plant doubts in our minds about God. This is one reason why it is so crucial that we know God's words, so that we don't fall prey to false doctri