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That song that plays in our head

From childhood to now, as an adult, I’ve had countless experiences where suddenly there’s a soothing song playing in my head after experiencing some type of traumatic or emotional life event, or even an everyday issue. The words from these songs are almost always related to the situation at hand. As a Christian, I believe that since God is our maker and is all around us, everything is from Him and all of our life experiences are for a purpose, a purpose that He has for each one of us, individually. The Heavenly Father gives us all that we have and can take it away. (John 15:5 and Job 1:21) With that said, I believe that these music and songs that play in our minds at the most vulnerable and hardest points in our lives, communicates God’s love for us. It’s His mercy and grace. It’s Him bringing us comfort and sending us encouraging messages during a difficult situation. Not to mention, God’s angels are constantly working to guide us and keep us safe. When you feel inexplicable peace and