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Becoming a Disciple of Jesus (10 commitments)

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we must surrender to the will of God. Now, let's be honest, it is not easy to follow Christ and commit to a life contrary to what we are accustomed to, especially as habitual creatures, not to mention being in a world full of temptations. But, with a transformation and renewal of the mind, we can fight the desires of the flesh to establish a forever connection with our Father. Furthermore, becoming and being a follower of Jesus doesn’t require you to be perfect. If you read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (which I highly recommend you read if you are a new follower of Christ) you know that the disciples of Jesus were men like you and I. They were believers in the Almighty God and received the gift of the Holy Spirit because of their faith and commitment to God’s words. Therefore, becoming a follower of Jesus is all about obedience to our Father. In John 14:6 Jesus said "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except throug